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 The BEBO® brand, the result of its creator and self-taught, the Italian entrepreneur and designer Diego Bosi, was born from a deep tenacity, perseverance and love made of ideas, using top quality materials, transformed and shaped like sculptures, taking care of every detail with extreme meticulousness.

The various realizations

they are influenced by a continuous search for the new and the beautiful, while always maintaining an unmistakable elegance and tradition in the workmanship, mixing multi-ethnic materials and styles learned in various travels and experiences.

Any sign of file and small imperfections are not to be considered defects but rather  unique and distinctive signs given by the manual skills being always made and forged by hand in Italy.

The staff is always looking for innovation, in a continuous design of new objects that you will see made.

Every creation

it is never exactly the same as another and this makes every single object unique. Find out how to clean our jewels at this link .

Our brand

Diego Bosi
Owner, Jeweler & Jewels Designer

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